Company Profile

Folus Construction Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that comprehensively develops, produces and sells high-quality aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories. We are committed to providing customers with safe, environmentally friendly and high-quality door and window hardware products.

We produce main aluminum alloy, plastic steel, thermal insulation broken bridge door and window accessories (inward opening and inverted, two-point lock, casement handle, door lock, hinge, crescent lock, transmission, etc. series), diamond mesh, invisible inner Pour inside, oxidize handle, etc.

We adhere to the whole production process of aluminum alloy broken bridge handles, from strict raw material procurement to precise die casting, from efficient assembly to neat packaging and packaging, all in one go.

Based on the market, serving customers is our constant purpose. For many years, the market share higher than similar products is the highest honor given to us by our customers. Do not forget the original intention, we remember that the success of sales is the beginning of service.

From the product to convey the beauty of life, we sincerely hope that with a small, reliable and exquisite handle, people can open doors and windows of the vast world, travel around the world, and feel the beauty of life.